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What's on your bottom.

Invasive plants arrive on your watercraft. Clean, Drain, and Dry before launching.

aquatic invasive species

How can I take care of my boat and watercraft equipment?

Make sure to Clean, Drain and Dry your watercraft every time. These tiny critters are tricky and can hide in small crevices or small amounts of water. Never bring things that have been in infested waters into Sierra waters. And, of course, get your boat inspected before launching as required.

Why should I take care?

Everyone loves to spend time on the water. Some use water wings, life jackets, rafts or other floatation devices, and some are lucky enough to get their hands on a kayak, paddleboard or other watercraft. What do these things have in common? Anything used in the water (even clothing) can allow aquatic invasive species (AIS) to hitch a ride and get into our lakes, rivers and streams. If these invaders get in, they can spread, become established, and cause drastic and devastating changes. None of us want sharp shells washing up the shore and cutting our bare feet.

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