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There’s a better hiding spot for your garbage.
The trashcan.

How can I take care of litter?

Keep the wilderness wild and pack out all your trash on the trails. Pack out food scraps too. Biodegradable materials, such as banana peels, orange rinds, or coffee grounds may seem natural enough but will not disintegrate in this climate. Pack them out.

Cigarette Butts: no one wants to see your dirty butts! And if you think that by burying it in the sand that it goes away, SORRY, wrong. Please don’t flick your butt off a chair lift, burry in the sand, or toss it out your car window. Hold on to your butts until you can properly dispose of them in a trashcan.

Why should I take care?

With millions of visitors a year and heavy traffic on our beaches, trails and waterways, we all need to “Pack It In and Pack It Out.”

At the beach and on the trails: bottle caps, cigarette butts, and diapers are found along our Sierra Nevada shores. While we all love to visit the lakes, rivers and streams in the Sierra, we would like your trash to leave with you.

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